We're Coming Back!!!!!

by Daryn Goodwin

SD Inline Update!

We apologize it’s been so long since we’ve updated our status with the SD Inline Hockey League.  To be honest, we just didn’t have any new news.

Fortunately, that has now changed!  We have the green light from the city to resume our league soon at the Escondido Sports Center.

Our tentative plan is to start games again on April 21st.  We hope to start practices the end of March or beginning of April.

We are sort of in a weird position, as we were ready to start a new league when the pandemic hit, so many of you have registered your child for the league a year ago that didn't happen.  We envision there being a lot of shuffling between players moving up in age from youth to middle school or middle school to high school, or kids unfortunately losing interest, or new kids wanting to join. 

If you signed your son or daughter up for last years’ league that didn’t happen, please shoot an email to daryn@sdinlinehockey.com and let us know your intensions for the upcoming season. 

It feels great to finally send you this email and we look forward to seeing you at the rink soon!

SD Inline Staff