Basic Game Information

by Daryn Goodwin

Please make sure to have players at the rink and ready to play BEFORE THE SCHEDULED START TIME!

The Youth and High School Rosters are very light.   If a player is going to miss a game, please let your coach or us know at least 48 hours before the game.   There are only 3 teams in each of these leagues.  Due to this, 1 team will have to play back-to-back games every third week.   Games for these league will be 3-12 minute periods.

The Middle School League will run as it has in the past, 3-15 minute periods with 4 teams.  One game every week.

  • Games are running time periods.
  • If a game is within 1 goal the last 2 minutes of the 3rd period, it becomes stop time.
  • If a regular season game ends in a tie, we will have a 5 minute running time sudden death (first to score) overtime.  If it's still a tie after overtime, it is recorded as a tie.
  • Penalties are 2 minutes.