A quick story

by Daryn Goodwin

The SD Inline League has had some thrilling games this season, with many games going to overtime.  Our semi-final game between the Yellow Jackets and Fire Ants last weekend was no exception.  Tied 3-3 heading into overtime, the winner would go to the championship game against the Blue Birds.

It gets hot in Escondido, and by 11am last Saturday it was extremely hot.  You could see the heat wear on the kids, especially later into the contest.  Players were determined and battled through the heat to give their best effort.

At one point late in the 3rd period Wyatt Amos yelled as he skated by the bench, “I’m so tired!”   Anyone that knows Wyatt knows he’s a vocal kid, so this wasn’t a huge surprise.  

Wyatt battled through his discomfort and found another gear.  In overtime he had a little more jump.  He found himself in the slot alone with the puck on a nice pass from Matthew Bgotav.  Wyatt made no mistake and shot the puck between the legs of Josh Friedrich (who played is heart out and had a great game).

To say Wyatt was excited after he scored would be an understatement.  He was exhausted, but that feeling immediately turned into exhilaration!

I guess if there’s a lesson here it’s to never give up, even when you think you have nothing left.

Tomorrow are our last youth games.  See you at the rink!